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CruiseControl Configuration tool

About the tool

CruiseControl config is a tool for making the management and configuration of the Cruisecontrol server easier. This includes the configuration of the projects as well as monitoring the running projects.


The configuration tool is available via Java WebstartTM. If you want a standalone version or don't want to install off of this site, see the installing link.

Please note that the remote configuration is only available for Cruisecontrol servers 2.3 or greater. This tool will still allow you to monitor a server that is older, but you need to configure the server by accessing the configuration file via the file system.

Webstart Install:

Version 1.8 Version 1.8.1 (beta)

Requires Java

Sample views

View of configuring the projects. View of the projects on a running server.

More views as well as some more help may be found on the users manual page.

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