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CruiseControl Configuration - User Manual

Getting Started - Project Configuration

The cc-config tool allows you to configure properties of the running cruise server as well as the projects that are defined on the server.

Overview of the project configuration interface.


The toolbar is for shortcuts to the menu items. The toolbar items have tooltip text if you leave your mouse over the button, the help text will display for you.

Config Tree

The tree shows the configuration xml file in a tree where each node in the tree represents an element in the xml file. Nodes may be cut, copied, pasted within the tree.

Selected Node Panel

When a node is selected, this panel shows the available data for the selected node. For more complex panels, those with children, the panel may contain additional information and/or tabs that can be configured from the parent node.

Configuration Help

When a node is selected either in the tree or on one of the panels above it, this panel shows the help text from the configxml.html file.